Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Tale of the Pepper in the Castle

Once upon a time there was a little sister named Princess Pepper. She had a wonderful husband, two adoring parents with whom she lived, Queen Lupie and the King, a fearsome dragon, named Maggie the adorable, and a wickedly stunning older sister who followed the old ways. She was known as the GrimmWitch.

Pepper was happy where she lived, but she and her prince dreamed of a castle of their own. They finally found it...nestled in the woods among the creeping things and the rowdy beasts of the forest. The thing of it was that the castle was very, very filthy. What was poor Pepper to do? She enlisted Queen Lupie and GW and all sorts of helpful beings from throughout the realm to aid in bringing this frightful mess of a castle back to it's former glory.

The sunken living room is huge. The rug must be ca. 1960. The below pic was taken from the wood panel "den".

Here's the den.
When I got there this was the only panel down in the about 5x5 room. Now they're all down. And Pepper did it by herself (with a little help from me). It was actually really fun. I got to use my hands. We work well together b/c our personalities I think are suited for teamwork.

Above you can see the wallpaper falling off. That is being removed as I type. And there is the gross rug. I feel bad for the elderly people who lived there until about 2007. Clearly someone should have advised their family to help them have the rugs replaced if they didn't know to do so on their own. And the renters left the place gross:(

Above is the 1st floor half bath. Pepper's gonna do a Frenchy theme in there - but in a tasteful way. The renters apparently didn't know that they have to at times clean the lint trap. Pepper and I filled her Dyson completely with filth from the lint trap. I estimate there must have been at least one full cubic foot of lint. When I'd tunneled past most of it I found a happy little surprise.

I had to use a hanger to get it out because the long lint trap brush and the vacuum weren't doing it. I also found a sandwich toothpick (like to keep a club sandwich together), some change, and a zipper pull.

Finally, triumph!
Lupie cleaned the kitchen. Everything was covered in dirt and oily grime. I don't understand why the renters seemingly didn't clean anything. I'm a pretty forgetful, scatterbrained, and lazy person in my opinion and it was even too filthy for me.

So Princess Pepper watched as her castle slowly transitioned from monstrous to modern, from filthy to fabulous. She, and the prince, and the dragon would live happily ever after:)

In other news...

The fingerless gloves will have to wait, Mom...It's time...

I've had the yarn for this for over a year and never to come.

And I'm sure all my little emo-ite, rock-esque, goth-lette students will be happy to know that I've bitten the bullet, or been bitten by it in this case, and
Yes, Sunky, I am reading Twilight:)


Lupie said...

I have wanted to make this.

Lupie said...

Such a great story. when are you going to finish the book so we can all retire into the forest!

Unknown said...

I love Twilight too. I discovered the books first and then got my youngest daughter (age 13) obsessed with it.

I really want to knit a Clapotis too. Never made one. It will have to wait until I finish other projects first, though.

Unknown said...

Love your new place, you must be so excited!!

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