Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So excited!!

Yippy Skippy!!!

Photo from Bravo

I am so excited about this!!

I have been very ill as I'm sure one can deduce by my last post. Yesterday, by evening by migraine was so bad that I called Mr. G at work to stay on the phone with me b/c the dizziness was causing me to walk totally messed up and I was afraid I would fall.

I would have stayed home from work today except A) it's so close to the end B) some of my students find it impossible to behave for subs - you should see the note a sub left for me when I was out Monday. I don't know what the hell they're thinking! The behavior is frankly unsafe, but hell, I should be able to get a frickin migraine and not fear that they'll kill each other - and C) I had a very important meeting about one of my kids and the mom keeps neglecting to show (she missed 5 meetings - I don't know, man). He's a great kid, a good person, a wonderful artist, and all I want is for him to succeed. Things didn't go as I'd hoped. I know he failed, but I feel the situation is beyond his control in some ways and I was hoping to get him AP-ed (administrative promotion). I haven't given up yet, though.

Honestly, they're all great, my kids, they're just freakin insane. They can't behave appropriately ever. I insanely picked this year (obviously unknowingly) to re-vamp my whole approach to discipline. These little dudes need the old, louder me (I was - am kinda still - a drill sergeant yeller) just because their volume is immence.

I really have the "artists row" of homerooms this year. They're all visual artists, or performers and they don't know it yet - hysterically freakin funny children. I have one who can draw really well, but I feel that he'd be a great writer too. He really drives me nuts and weighs on my patience - does this not speaking to me thing - but he's an awesome little guy & just human.

I have one who loves baseball and it's nice b/c I'm just getting into it more b/c of Mr. G - this kid's a genius. I adore his humor. I have another who is equally as smart and a wealth of obscure knowledge...WWII planes, King Tut, etc. My girls rock! They are the most helpful cutie pies ever. One of them is a total pisser - she could be a comedienne right now.

I have two secretaries too. One boy and one girl. I don't think they realize how much they help me every day. One of them is moving and I'm really going to miss her. She's like a little mini homegirl.

I can't wait for Monday - last day - to be over. They are totally crazy, but then, so am I, so we were all a good fit together. I'm proud to know them. They're a bunch of great kids.

Needless to say the Thank you socks ain't done. My nights have been full of headache and totally knitless:( I'm glad Mr. G is home tonight b/c I still feel shitty:(


Megan said...

Ahh! I'm so excited about Top Chef Masters too. I just heard about it and immediately shared the article with my husband on Google reader. He likes Top Chef way more than I do so he was happy!

Sorry to hear about your migraine. I had one on Monday and left work a bit early to lay in a dark room! We got those special curtains for the bedroom that make it super dark and block out the noise almost for that exact reason. I definitely feel for anyone else who is suffering! Hope you are all better.

Lupie said...

You are a great gift to these kids They may not know it now but they will some day.

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