Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Questions...

1) What are you dressing up as this 31st?
2) What was your favorite Halloween costume?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pulling my Frickin Hair out... & I has been tagged

Right away...I have no pics right now.

I finished Griffin's tomten, but need buttons. I'm "working on" Pepper's sox - the flat feet soxs - and finished one of the pair. I'm still working on the Central Park Hoodie.

School basically came up and hit me in the face. I have either been doing homework, school work, or been in intense pain with some sinus-flu kinda thing (the kids sneeze on you when you're a teacher...all the time!!!). In addition to this my homeroom is NOTHING like my homeroom last year...and homeroom does make a difference. Last year, with the exception of "Reese" - I blogged about him - my kids were crazy, but mature when they needed to be, quiet often, caring always, patient with me, respectful...I mean the list could go on. And Reese is all of these...but never does work or pays attention.

My kids now are freakin lunatics. Two suspended already (one with a court date), two with personal issues already. It's only the 2nd full week...oh, and one already had to be placed in another school due to behavior. Some are so awesome, but as a whole the totally drain me. I already love them. How or why, I have no idea, but I do. There's one who's so skutchy, but was out, and the room was, like, empty without her.

I still see my rockin crocheters...some have started knitting too. I found knitting needles and yarn on some random desk in an upper grade room and just smiled:)

In addition (yes, beyond the illness, work, and post grad school) we are trying to get my mom in law's house ready for sale and looking for our own home (home to move in Jan or Feb).

I miss this though...But I'm so done with this f^#%ing layout!

So...since I'm bsing right now...

Dibosai tagged me so I'm doing this

What are the last 3 things you purchased?
Lunch at a diner with co workers, a book for Mr. Geek of all Trades and a Pirate Hat (HA!)

What are the last three songs you downloaded?
I don't know but the most recent songs I heard were...
Helden (I think) by Apocalyptica and the lead singer from Rammstein
37mm by AFI
Lost by Avenged Sevenfold

What where the three best places you visited?
Venice, all of South Spain, and Eastern State Pen in Phili

What are your three favorite movies?
THE CROW!!!!!!!!!! - this was the best movie ever made!
Star Wars (VI being the best, but all of them)
Dawn of the Dead - THE ORIGINAL...not this new one

What three things can you not live without? (Other than family and friends)
Chocolate, good books, and music - 'cause Smudge counts as family

What would be your three wishes?
Does this make it not come true? Eh
To get pregnant
To have my parents, sister, husband and other family members for a good long time
To be able to always live near my sister & parents

What are three things you haven’t done YET?
Be a mom
Write my book
Be a mom

What three celebrities do you want to hang out with most?
Jack Black
Tim Burton
Phillipia Gregory

Name three things that freak you out.
When people make faces that look like they're passing out or very ill
Slugs (one of only two insects I don't like)
Maggots or grubs (the other one)

What are your three favorite dishes?
Mommy's Black Beans
Mommy's Red Bean Dumplings
Sushi with Alyssa & Griff at Wasabi

Name three things you are good at.
Fixing broken toys
Not following my husband's advice when he suggests I take medication I really need
Petting Smudge

What are three things you are currently coveting?
1st season of the Tutors on DVD
More time to exist during the day


What are your three current favorite TV shows?
I'm putting too many but...
Network Telie - Lost / House
My 3 BBC shows - Primeval / Dr. Who /Torchwood
Anthony Bourdain (he's HOT)

I'm tagging

Wittys Girl
and Raire

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