Sunday, June 28, 2009

...It's a Wonderful Town

Mr. G & I went into NY to see the Extreme Mammals exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. We've only been there together once before, but separately loads of times, and I never get tired of it. Life astounds me.

While there I always walk by three exhibits, one of which I did miss this time. I love the gemstones and minerals exhibit, but we did need to get back to do yard work and I have seen it a gabillion times, and I did want to make one lovely stop before lunch - get to that later - so I passed.

Another stop I make each time is the famous whale room. Not for the whale, though.

When I was young I'd always walk towards the back of this huge room right towards one particular display, followed by sister Pepper of course. The display was behind glass like the others and poorly lit. It would take a long time for your eyes to adjust to the deep darkness of the display...happening slowly. You'd likely be looking around the whole glass pain to spot something and I heard people many times insist that it must be under construction and walk away.

And then your eyes would finally get used to the inkiness and you'd see one grapefruit sized eye staring out at you - a sperm whale fighting a giant squid in the depths. It was terribly fun.

Last time I went the museum had removed the glass and put in some lighting. There was even a child...totally unafraid...crawling around on the floor of the display. I had no camera today so if you're pissed that I pilfered let me know and I'll remove it.

Shot by cerdsp on flickr

My third mandatory visit when I go to the museum completely befuddles and terrifies me. Yes, both, at the same time. If you go in to the North American Animals exhibit you'll see gigantic creatures like moose, the grizzly, towering, tremor inducing sights. Around the left side though, just beyond the jackrabbits is a display that glows with blue light. That one is the only thing left in the museum that scares me. Not the whale, not the squid, this...

Shot by peterjr1961 on flickr

See, looking at them like this...they're just cute. Not scary at all. Besides, I love dogs. It's the blue light that makes them creepy. Every time I go I say to myself, 'this is going to be the time that I'm going to walk right past them, look inside and see them, and walk away at a reasonable pace.' I pooped out again today :(

Shot by wallyg on flickr

Mr. G walked ahead, having seemingly forgot that last time we went he had to gently guide me past, with his arms protectively wrapped around me. I was going to try, but then couldn't. I had to wait for his eyes to meet mine across the crowd and he must have easily read the embarrassment and terror on my face.

He came to get me and instead of the protective embrace I expected he pulled me in front of the display, my eyes bolted shut, and urged me teasingly to open them. How a few years of marriage changes things:) I feel stupid saying, or rather typing this, but I couldn't control how afraid I was. I even yelped, 'NO,' so loudly I feared others around may have heard.

Laughing at myself brought me to tears...yeah, it was hysterical, when I was finally away from the blue light:)

The Extreme animals exhibit was great. All about special, specific adaptations that made certain species throughout history particularly unique. The one below was suited for the tropical climates...of the North Pole millions of years ago.

Shot by edenpictures on flickr; a family of 3 that have great pics of NYC

Now lets get to the important stuff...the short stop after the museum. Before eating lunch we walked to Knitty City, a yarn shop quite close to the museum.

I needed a few DPs...

...and I'd been wanting some solid or semi solid sock yarn (none on sale:( I'm so cheap...

...and I got three needle or small project bags, one for Lupie, one for Pepper, and one for myself, their pick...

...and Mr. G persuaded me to get this tank. It was on sale:)

If anyone commenting has any interesting stories about the American Museum of Natural History or any other museum trip they've made please share...


LenaL said...

Oh, it really sounds like a great museum! I love all - or at least almost all - kinds of museums, there is always something facinating, animals, arts, human history ...

Take good care of yourself!

Lupie said...

Thanks for the Dick and Jane bag. It touches my heart.

Megan said...

Great post about the museum. When I was in D.C. for the inauguration I had my knitting in my purse when we went to the Smithsonian but luckily the guard let me in but just let me know that it's not really allowed in the future.

Oh and those white plastic dpns that you bought, I would double check the size on them with a needle sizer thing. I bought the same exact brand at a LYS, North Fork Stitches, and they were definitely clearly marked as a size 7 on the package (which I needed) and were actually a size 6 (which I already had) and they wouldn't let me return them so I vowed never to buy that brand again. Just check them, hopefully my experience was just a fluke. I kept wondering why I wasn't getting gauge!

DrChopSuey said...

I was so young the last time I went to that museum, I really don't remember much. I love your story, the place sounds sounds amazing! I heart all kinds of museums, I'll have to visit next time I make a trip up there.

And the needle bags are so cute! And that yarn looks yummy!

Fran said...

I can understand why those wolves under blue lighting would freak you out. I just love museums in general.

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