Sunday, June 14, 2009

A pretty eventful weekend...

I'll write quite b/c I'm STILL not done with the thank you socks... but hopefully she'll still get them tomorrow. Why must I have them ready for tomorrow?? Well, if you take a look at the counter at the bottom of my page you'll see


Like I've said in previous posts, I'm going to miss my kids, but I'm excited to do stuff in my new house and to her my sister (yes, poor Lupie has two of us!) set up her (filthy) new home. (By the by, if you're renting, you still have to clean...even though it's not yours - the people who lived in Pepper's house until she bought it left it repulsive!)

So the weekend began with a fare well lunch for one of my co-workers being transferred to another school. I'm sad to see her go, but I'm happy b/c she'll be in a new-ish building in a school with a lot of spirit (we have spirit issues in my school - by the way, now the ceiling in the stairwell fell down - throw us a bone Corzine!)

She jokes about Tom Jones and his panty catching kitchyness. She and my other co-worker are even going to a Tom Jones concert in July (may the Gods bless them). There's also this whole funny thing with Angela Lansberry (don't know if that's spelled ok) that has a huge back story that I'm not going into on here...but my co-worker jokes about them. Another one of us as a gag wrong a letter to the transferee in the persona of Tom Jones apologizing that he couldn't make it to dine with us and assuring my co-worker that he'll see her in July at the concert. Hardy har har:) And she even made these hysterical lolly pops (delicious by the way:)

On Saturday Pepper, Lupie, and I got our hair cut and I got mine dyed. My hair dresser put something like seven gradiated colors in it to make this gradual transition of reds to dark purple underneath. It looks less purple and more black on the bottom. It's very pretty, and the cut is great, but I don't know if it's wild enough for summer - I'll see how I feel.
Pepper's been working hard at her pretty new-to-her house. I love it. It has fantabulous landscaping. I went by on surprise today with Mr. G to invite her and Mr. Pepper out to eat at a local Japanese place but they had company so Mr. G and I went without them. We ate at Fuki (I love the name) in River Edge, NJ. This was the best Japanese I've had in a long time. Here's a shot of the Mary socks on the table at the restaurant.

The fish was so delicious and tasted fresh. Usually when I hit a Japanese place on Sunday, most any place, for whatever reason I feel the fish is only okay. This fish rocked. The service was nice, very attentive. It was priced similarly to most places in the area (Wasabi in Ridgewood is another good one, but this one is way cuter and much more homey.) I had a sashimi platter - the white tuna was awesome. Look at how they served my salmon row.

For desert we had Red Bean ice cream in a ball and deep fried tempura style. It was Mr.G's 1st time eating red bean ice cream. He really liked it. It was the perfect, scrumptious topping to a great weekend. And now...

One more day
And finally...True Blood...Right NOW!!!

I really think Lafayette is dead...wait...GASP

And watch for Suckie's grandma's knitting.


Megan said...

The "Murder She Wrote" lollipops- that's hysterical. It doesn't even have to be an inside joke to be absurd enough to be funny.

Lupie said...

How did I miss this post!

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