Monday, July 16, 2007

Productive Day...

After finishing that rainbow sweater with the Noro yarn last night I started on a baby sweater with Katia Nepal yarn. My mother and I e-mailed back and forth like lunes about our next projects and agreed to do something by Elizabeth Zimmermann. We're fascinated. Little sis Pepper finished her chocolate and mint Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino infant hoodie.

Mom was determined to try to find a nice sized, long strapped pocket book, but left Macy's empty handed. They really are nowhere to be found, and the few we saw she didn't love. We saw Licence to Wed , and it was really cute. We chose that one because "the husbands" (aka my dad, Pepper's husband, and my husband) would never have agreed to see it. I'm not a romantic comedy person per say, but Robin Williams was hysterical (as usual) and that guy from The Office (a fantastic show, by the way) is a cutie pie. I also wandered into Spencers and found Jacob and couldn't resist even though I shouldn't be spending money on crap I don't need...
He's my 55th if you count the twins as 1. I think I have far too many, but I think they're really adorable. I love to look over at them while I'm working on my writing. When I stare at them too long my thoughts inevitably stray from my storyline to wondering what I'm going to do with them when I do have a baby. Who knows . . .


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