Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back from Vacation

Hubbie and I went away for a few days. We went to Connecticut and hit some really nice sights. On the way to our hotel in Mystic we visited an old prison, Old New-Gate Prison. The prisoners had once mined copper in the caverns beneath the prison and visitors can still go there. Hubbie and I love Eastern State in Phili so much, we couldn't miss this. It was really cool in the caves in temperature as well as experience.

The 2nd day of our vacation we went to the Mystic Seaport and the Mystic Aquarium. I'd been to both places before, but it was nice to go back with Hubbie, and the whole trip lends itself to relaxation, which is what we were after.

On the 3rd day we visited Gillette Castle & Park. The drive there was wonderful, but long. On the way a deer crossed the street in front of us and checked us our as she went. The houses were beautiful rural, farm looking, just lovely! As we drove the forest was like a pair of flowing green ribbons on either side of us. Once we reached the castle we were pleased to see the long ride had been worth it.
Gillette was the 1st actor to portray the character of Sherlock Holmes on stage. He designed and partly built the home. It was awesome. The doors, the windows, had been hand made and were opened and closed with wooden cranks and knobs and doodads...brilliant! After we'd looked through the castle we made our way outside to a multitude of hiking trails on the grounds. The woods were breathtaking. We happened upon a pond complete with lilly pads and frogs (if it you don't already suspect, I love animals!!)

On the way back to Jersey we visited The Beardsley Zoo, and The Maritime Aquarium. The zoo was small, but lovely. Some of the enclosures were a bit small, but the zoo is certified so I supposed it's okay. The aquarium was more for small kids, but we had fun. We saw some seals, and a sea turtle, and some sharks..very cool.

I do have some pics of the trip and some of the little guys we met along the way.

I got very little of the surprise jacket done, and none of any of the other projects I'm dreaming up. I want to make a small sweater for myself out of some Schaefer Yarn. I love their yarn. And now i want to make an iPod case - got the idea from one of the ladies on Punk Rock Knitters.

I did get some yarn on my trip.
The Araucania Patagonia, (on top) is from The Knitting Niche in Greenwich, and the other skeins are from Mystic River Yarns and are by Ellyn Cooper.

The Ellyn Cooper yarns were so delicious no one could keep their hands (or noses) off them.

Smudge is just as nuts for yarn as I am...the perfect pair!


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