Friday, July 20, 2007

Pepper @ Otakon, Zimmermann Madness, Rainbow Sweater, & Crochet Baby Blanket

I am very sad...once again Pepper has left the Garden State. This time she went to Otakon in Maryland. It's an anime con. I don't know very much about anime...I really loved Full Metal Alchemist, and I've enjoyed some other animes. People get dressed up and go all out, so just looking at the costumes is interesting.

Pepper tells me that she's see some people dressed as the characters from Labyrinth, which has me incredibly intrigued. No one can look as skinny-guy-hot in that outfit as David Bowie. So we'll see when she comes back with pics. I assume anyone who'd read this has seen the movie, but if not, you are missing out. The soundtrack rocks also. Nothing beats As the World Falls Down; Bowie's voice in awesome and I must say quite hot:)

I finished the "Puzzle Sweater", but the puzzle piece theme didn't really work so I'm calling it my "Rainbow Sweater" now. I still need the crochet edging and buttons...massive, huge buttons.

I had this really nice but very difficult to work with yarn: Sirdar Confetti. I'm going to just do a simple crochet blanket of rows of half doubles. The yarn is so funny to work with...I was originally going to do chevrons but chickened out.

Last, but not least, Mom and I have gone EZ crazy. It was very strange the way it all came about. We're pretty much new to knitting and didn't know about her, but all of a sudden it seemed her name was everywhere we turned, and now I'm just in awe of what an incredible person and artist she we've gotten these two books and a DVD of her PBS specials so far. We're both going to do the Surprise Baby Jacket, like everyone else in the free world.


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