Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bucket List

A friend sent me one of those chain, what do you wanna do before you croak. But it had choices...many of which I didn't care I'm making my own. Some I have already done but must list b/c they are cool.

  1. Be a mom
  2. Finish writing a novel
  3. See the Crow in a movie theater (I was not allowed to when it came out, but it's okay, Dad, don't feel bad)
  4. Donate money to the place where I work in the form of a scholarship
  5. Visit PR
  6. Adopt a frog
  7. Wear a Sumo suit at fight someone
  8. Go to Venice (done)
  9. Make a cheesecake
  10. Hear my uncle's music played in a big place
  11. Eat at a fancy restaurant in NYC
  12. Go to Paris
  13. See Star Wars Episode IV in a movie theater
  14. Teach Language Arts again
  15. Get involved with the union
  16. Play paintball
  17. See my sister do comedy in front of people
  18. Paint 1 room all black
  19. Adopt a dog
  20. Sleep in a castle
  21. Knit an entire bed spread and matching pillow shams
  22. Get a tattoo (see Mom, still sticking to the bargain)
  23. Take my kids traveling (need to do the mom thing first)
  24. Go to Prague
  25. Walk on the beach at night
  26. Travel in an RV
  27. take cooking classes with Mr. G
  28. Care for baby bunnies
  29. Swim in the Pacific
  30. Design a successful knitting pattern
  31. Ride on a motorcycle
  32. Go to Alaska
  33. See a ghost (so silly, but I want it)
  34. Have a huge ass theme party for a wedding anniversary
  35. Stay up all night with my kids and have a Star Wars Marathon (again, mom 1st)
  36. Go to England
  37. Get a license to take my pets to visit schools so I can teach the children about them
  38. Get blunt bangs
  39. Write someone's memoir
  40. See Rocky Horror live - I'm a RHPS virgin - I ALWAYS chicken out!!!
  41. Finish my Masters (done)
  42. See a whale up close
  43. Go to Colorado
  44. See Iron Maiden in concert
  45. Get published
  46. Look into the wolf display at the Museum of Natural History (half done - went with Griff and his mom and walked by but had to block my peripheral with my giant George Costanza wallet)
  47. Make pottery
  48. Go camping
  49. Show my Dad that my book is in a library

I'm sure I'll have more to add. Hopefully I'm long off from the due date for this crap 'cause there's plenty of it. Off to paint, and then screw the house work (Mr. G is playing video games) I'm going to do some knitting!


Lupie said...

Wow lots to do! You better get started.
You saw Rocky Horror live.

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