Sunday, May 24, 2009

Step aside, Tim

I'm watching The Fashion Show as I type. This is Bravo's response to having lost my beloved Project Runway. I love Tim Gunn's sophisticated yet nurturing approach and Heidi's very present fashion background. She's not just a model, but clearly loves the art. So sad that the show's been lost to Lifetime. I mean, who cares what channel it's on, but I never watch Lifetime. I love so many of the Bravo shows. PR belongs there. Honestly, the fans should not have to wait for what I believe to be an already filmed season.

Anyway, the new show is good. At least I'm enjoying it. I don't see how Kelly Roland fits in. Is that how you spell her name? It means so little to me I'm not even going to look it up. Might as well have my sista' PepperBal from Geek of All Trades or someone co host. At least Pepper has an art background. I don't know Kelly's background...but I also can't see knowledge about fashion shining through. Isaac Mizrahi, on the other hand, I feel is someone who really has something to teach.

Smudge-wise, this little guy is just on a roll with the Magellan-y explorer mode. His most recent endeavor? He jumped into the top of his cardboard maze. Not a big deal for most buns, but this dude was five minuutes from the Pearlly Purlly Gates less than a year ago.

He's so cute! I love him!:)

I'm still working on the Thank you Socks, but hopefully will be done by Wednesday or Thursday. I'm also working on the Ribbed Lace Bolero from 10 feet high. I think I'd have it done already except for all the migraines I've can see the bottom of the OTC meds in the pic below:(

I like the pattern very much, and the side pics the pattern sports looks like me - very weird to look at sometimes 'cause I wear my hair like that too.

Photo from 10 feet high

As of 6/13 though I'll be freaked out with color as I have a hair appointment am want to go crazy. I am so excited! I'm still trying to harvest ideas from the net and still don't know what I'll do.


RiaRe said...

Smudge is just the cutest. I can see why you love him so much. I LOVE the Bolero...please share the pattern. I finally finished the check out my blog. Without all of the support from you, Lisa and of course Mom it would have never been completed. Yes, I am kinda proud of my BSJ.

Lupie said...

Smudge is so smart!!
That picture looks just like you.

Fran said...

Love the bolero! Smudges maze looks like so much fun. I've heard a lot about Project Runway an the The Fashion Show but sadly, I don't get them here. At least I have What Not to Wear to get my fashion fix.

Rilana said...

I love your bolero, so far. I have been eye-ing that pattern for ages. I have yet to knit it, though. Oh yes, and the bunny is adorable too. :-)

Breien in Lansingerland said...

The bolero looks nice :-)

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