Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Questions...

1) What are you dressing up as this 31st?
2) What was your favorite Halloween costume?


pegi said...

This year I will be a Witch, always my favorite, both at work and at home!
When I was small I had a Lassie costume and I loved it! One Halloween I caught my Lassie tail on a wire fence and Fell so hard I had the wind knocked out of me. Really scarey!

Timiae said...

I don't think I'll be dressing up this Halloween... I usually do, but haven't really thought of it this year.

My favorite Halloween costume, hands down, is Eve. Yep, I covered a bikini with fake leaves, wore my hair down and wavy, and was Eve. I tried talking my fiance into being Adam last year, but it didn't work.

Tekgirl said...

After last year I doubt I'll be doing any dressing up- it was so depressing. Where I grew up dressing up is a huge thing and everyone takes any excuse they can to dress up and go crazy over costumes. Where I live now it's so totally the opposite I can't believe it's the same country. My husband also puts a downer on it as he hates getting into costume.
Having said that I think last years costume was my favourite- I got to go as a black widow spider and wore a lace up vamp dress and extra legs. The husband had a basic zombie outfit and went as, you've guessed it, a dead husband.

me said...

I am not dressing up. My dog is Supperdog and Kelly is a witch. My favorite costume was the Goodwitch from the Wizard Of Oz

Megan said...

I have an irrational fear of people in costume. Especially full costume. I was a lot of fun as a child at Disneyworld.
My mom would always dress us up as witches, princesses or one very unfortunate year Mickey Mouse. I would always take one look in the mirror and just cry until she took it all off.
I usually just watch scary movies and make my husband answer the door.

Lupie said...

Ok here goes again!
I will be dressed as a soon to be retired Middle School Teacher.
I lived in NYC at the time so I must have been in 3rd grade. I took my fathers pants,shirt,shoes and hat got a stick and tied a cloth on the end and poof I was a Hobo! I looked great!

Michelle said...

I'll probalby go as a teacher ha ha!!! so I guess I won't be dressing up! My fave costume however hmm Ican think of 2...the first was when I was about 5 and my mom made me a mini mouse costume. Then when hubby and I went as Dorothy and the scarecrow (I had the wig the shoes and the dress...all made by me) we wore to a costume party..we won best couple costume!

Sophie said...

I can't be costume at work unfortunatly because as a saleperson it will look too strange, but will certainly decorate my office a bit :)

I always made my costume all by myself (with a little help of my mom) and always been creative when I was younger I did had costume as a : joker(like on playing card), a cheerleader, a magician, a geisha, ...and many more.

My favorite was a costume I had when I was 3 or 4 years old, I was a Care Bear and my mommy make me this big head to be proportionnate like a real Care Bear, too cool !

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi GrimmWitch,

I still haven't decided on what to be this year but last year I was an owl.

I have so many good Halloween moments that I don't have a favorite. If I had to pick a costume it would be one of my re-enactment dresses. I spent two weeks embroidering the front panel on it.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

School Nurse Jackie said...

I'll probably be a witch... I have a full blown Snow White and her Step-Mother costume, but I might just be a witch (sort of hard when you're the school nurse and there are Pre-K and K kids!) My favorite costume was when me and my friend Gina Patti (7th grade) went to the thrift shop and dressed as Laverne and Shirley - we looked GREAT!

me said...

I am not dressing up this year. I have a t-shirt that says, BIT ME and a sweat-shirt that says, GOT CANDY.

Rocky, my dog is going to be Spider Dog, if it is not hot.

My Favorite costume was when I was the good witch and Kelly was Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz

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