Thursday, August 2, 2007

School Daze

Today Mom, Pepper, and myself went to Teaneck to The Skein Attraction on Cedar Lane. Mom was all excited to get some circular Turbos. Working on these Surprise Baby Sweaters, we've all been using circulars and she hates the constant coiling up even after they've been steamed. I really like circulars any old way.
We went in, stumbled around a bit, admired the lovely Schaefer I have no money to buy, and Mom bought some size 7 circulars. We hobbled back to the car (my ankle is still swollen) and drove away only to realize some blocks later that they were 24in circulars when Mom had wanted something longer. Pepper offered to drive back but Mom was not having it. We decided to go to Pat's Yarn Boutique in Fort Lee - we've driven by a thousand times but only been there once. We found the place closed.
Mom was bummed, and I had to pee. We then resolved to go on an adventure to find a yarn store we'd heard about in Hoboken - not our usual stomping grounds.

On the way we passed through the town where we all teach, and the fact that summer in draining away really hit me. I'm not ready to go back yet. I was looking around to see if I could see any of "my kids" on the street. Any of "my kids" is an ever increasing group that consists of any child that has been in the 5th grade while I was teaching at my school. I do miss them. They're people who I spend most of most every day with - how could I not miss them when we're not in school.

I guess most teachers will understand missing the kids, your co-workers, but not being ready to give up the stay-at-home-ness. Soon enough I'll be getting up at 5 am and getting home at 4:30 only to have 1 to 3 hours of planning, paperwork, or grading to do once I get home.

The mad dash to make dinner, release Smudge, take a shower, kinda put some laundry away a little bit maybe (forget about dusting!) and hope that I can fit in some knitting/crochetting/writing/reading before I go to bed at around 9 so I can start over the next day. Only two hours a day with the husband. How would I do this with a baby? People do it, so I guess it gets done, but thinking about it just then was a little overwhelminig, like anticipating the plunge in the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney when you were like, five. You know it's coming. You don't wanna do it, but that's the only way to go. I would never give up teaching, and I would never give up my plans to be a mom...somethings gonna have to give.

Anyway, we finally got to Hoboken - the ride was easy. The place was Patricia's Yarns. Cute place, very small, and Mom found her Turbos, 8s and 40 in. to boot!

I have to finish up the EZ Surprise Baby Sweater, and Pepper's going to start a reglan for herself (I'm very excited!!)...That is all:)


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